Monday 7 May 2012

Superhero peg people

I loved creating Lucy's peg princesses, so the natural thing to do would be to make some for my boys, of course. 
From left to right: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman & The Incredible Hulk
I sketch out the main design, trying to minimise the detail, albeit this is easier said than done with the logos, but I think I've cracked it!
Iron Man, Batman, Robin, Captain America, Spiderman & Superman
The real test comes with the painting.
Batman slowly taking shape. Not looking forward to doing the bat logo though.
Each 2 inch peg is individually hand painted, therefore no 2 pegs are ever the same. 
I also use child friendly paint and coat in 3 layers of non toxic varnish.
The Incredible Hulk
A bit rough and ready, but getting there...
Captain America, Spidey and let's not forget the girl power, Wonder Woman.
Just 3 layers of varnish and we're done.
All varnished and ready for their next mission!
Iron Man, Wolverine and Thor down, Mr Incredible and The Green Lantern to go!
A set of 5 peg Superheroes of your choice costs £50 (excluding postage).
Please contact me for further details:
From left to right: Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman & The Incredible Hulk
"Holy peg people, Batman! Am I seeing double?"
Adding a few newbies to the mix
Blue and Grey Batman
All boxed-up and ready to play
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  1. Sarah, These are fantastic - I especially love Superman (that hairdo!). We've painted a set of the village people ( Stockade offers different styles and sizes of wooden people too (

  2. They are fabulous! You did such a great job. My little boy would love these - he is a tiny bit superhero crazy at the moment. I am a new follower of your lovely blog and I stumbled upon it via Craft gawker!

    1. Thanks Melissa! So lovely to hear where you found me and so pleased you like my superhero peg people. I'm doing some more as we speak.... Thor, Wolverine and The Green Lantern. Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your message!

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  4. Perfect! Love the little details :D