Friday, 8 February 2013

The first Vinyl Dudes into Space

Following a little promotion from my lovely friends at Dudebox, Craftgawker and my own blog, I generated a bit of interest in my Dude creations and along came my first two commissioned Dudes.
I was contacted by email and asked if I would be able to create two NASA space people. The client's niece and nephew had recently moved from the UK to the US, not far from NASA and they seem to have generated an obsession for all things 'Space'. 

I could already visualise how these would look and we swapped emails to confirm some of the small details.
As with all of my other Dudes, I start with a pencil sketch and I emailed it over to the client to make sure we were both thinking along the same lines.
My two Space Dudes, all sketched out and ready for the next stage.
Starting to take shape, as the detail is added.
Almost ready for lift off, but not quite...

Meet my finished Space people, Helen and Joseph.

The back view with the NASA logo
Houston, we have lift off...
Packaged and ready to be posted to their rightful owners.


  1. These blogs are great Sarah!

    The detail and care which you put into your Dudes is second to none and we are so proud to have you designing our products.

    It is clear that you live by the Dudebox slogan, "Inspire to Create."

    All the best and keep up these fantastic blogs!

    The Dudebox Team

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! I really believe I epitomise your slogan, in every sense.

      I have been massively inspired by your toys and have thoroughly enjoyed creating them and I'm getting more adventurous with each one.

      Others too, have been inspired and have requested specific commissions and since a RT from Davina McCall earlier today, a whole host of people have been exposed to Dudebox, who may not have otherwise done so!

      I've been christened 'The Dudette' and will happily take that ;o)

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