Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sock Monkey

Following a request from my middle child for a sock monkey for Christmas, I set about the search.

There were an array of fabulous designs and colours but having seen an abundance of tutorials, I decided to have a go myself.

I found this fabulous tutorial courtesy of Pinterest and armed with the perfect socks, I got cracking.

For the monkey pictured above, I used an adult sock but you can use any size and in fact, I may try a smaller sock for my next one.

Here he is looking a little more like a monkey and less like a sock... Progress.

Minus a tail, but almost there.

Meet Marcel!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Brown paper Christmas gifts/decorations

Today I experimented with brown paper, and red cotton... This is the result.

I'm fairly pleased with these treat-filled stockings and plan to make some stars and hearts to accompany the stocking.

They're stitched by hand, using a simple running stitch and a thick, quality thread.

This stocking is filled with small Toy Story characters and intend on filling others with sweets. More updates to follow later.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Competition winner

Over the last few months, I've loved building up my audience and the people whom I follow on Twitter and have thoroughly enjoyed their creative giveaways. As I approached 1000 followers, I decided to do my own giveaway. One of my hand painted peg people was to be the prize.

After 50+ retweets and a few more followers, I randomly drew the winner (and I swear this wasn't fixed). The winner happened to be a fellow Chelmsfordian, Georgia Coote a very talented surface pattern designer. I asked Georgia what she would like me to create and she plumped for a 'mini-me' pegdoll, sporting a floral dress.
Here's Georgia...
And here's her 'Georgia' peg doll

Georgia, posted a picture of her 'mini-me' on Instagram and here's her final resting place and a beautiful one at that.

Keep your eyes peeled, as I may be offering one of my customised vinyl toys for my next giveaway.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Father's Day card

I love coming up with new ideas for cards and occasions for our lovely Pre Schoolers and this Father's Day card is no exception. Often the simple ideas are the most effective and I think this is definitely the case here.

We started with a template for the tie.
Each child got to personalise their tie for their card in any way they saw fit. 
Glitter, tissue paper, pens, pom poms and stickers being the most popular.  
They then got to choose a colour for the shirt. 
To make the shirt simply make a cut in the centre of the folded card and bend over to make the collars. Just add buttons and ta da!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sea Monkey cake

My 6 year old daughter is a massive Sarah McIntyre fan. She's one of those author/illustrator's who captured Lucy's imagination and also encouraged her to continue to write stories and draw LOTS.

Just recently, Lucy got the chance to meet her literary heroine, here she is pictured with Sarah and her growing family of Sea Monkeys at the 'Comic Capers' event in Chelmsford.

If you haven't read Oliver and the Seawigs, let me urge you to do so, if only to find out more about the Sea Monkeys. As you can see, we roped in Grandma to knit a couple for us. As Lucy's birthday approached, I realised there was no better design for a cake... A Sea Monkey birthday cake! Here's my attempt.

It started with a sketch on greaseproof paper...

I started with 2 round cakes stacked on top of each other and 2 large cupcakes for the ears.

 I then had a stab at a cupcake, but it was VERY fiddly and only managed the one!
Good likeness?
Let's hope the birthday girl approves...

Those cheeky Seamonkeys appear to!