Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Vinyl customs

After the auction of my Davina McCall vinyl toy I had a break from all things vinyl for a while, until I was asked if I'd design some for a couple of brothers. One an Arsenal fan and the other a massive WWE fan.
What I know about wrestling can be written on the back of a postage stamp, so some research was needed for Daniel Bryan. WWE wrestling champ. But I was also given some very specific instructions about his attire and his hair.
Luckily, I'm a big fan of beards
Meet Daniel Bryan - WWE wrestler
The Arsenal player was relatively easy to do (with the exception of the fiddly logos!) and I was asked to incorporate a few specific details.
 And here he is from the front!
These next 2 customs will be winging their way to their rightful owners very soon.
Goodness knows what the next request might be ;)

Miffy Easter bags

I'd seen a similar idea on Pinterest and devised a way to combine our much loved Miffy with these Easter bags.
Our chocolate filled Miffy bags
I know of a couple of Easter monkeys who would appreciate these bags and decided to get sewing.

Step 1: Draw Miffy's face onto some white fabric. Then leave approx 1cm around the face and cut around the outline. (Double the fabric and pin to have 2 identical pieces)
Step 2: Using embroidery silks, sew the eyes and infamous Miffy nose onto the fabric for a cleaner finish.
Step 3: Sew the 2 pieces together by sewing the outline of the face only (not the ears). Use a running stitch for a neat finish on both sides.
Step 4: Once you have sewn around the face outline, you can sew the ears separately. Do not sew them to the back piece of fabric. Then fill with your favourite Easter treat and tie with ribbon around Miffy's ears to keep the treats safely inside.
Here's our finished Easter bag. You could also use them as perfect party bags.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Comic Capers

The day has finally arrived! The day that Lucy (my 6 yo) gets to meet the lovely Sarah McIntyre. The lady who single-handedly inspires her to pick up a pencil, design new characters, enter competitions and create her own comics.
Comic Capers with Sarah McIntyre and Steve Cole, has been a long-awaited event in my household and we could hardly contain ourselves. And nothing would prepare us for their entry onto stage. Sarah dressed in the most amazing comic dress and Steve, head to toe in Spiderman suit.
 Lucy wanted to dress-up as Hilda and we both did our bit for the comic event.
The 2 comperes had their audience at their fingertips as they enthused about their love of comics and the very different things that they both got them 'into' comics.
Steve's natural humour and Sarah's on-the-spot comic production was a double act to behold.
After a little on-stage antics, some audience participation and a comic strip later, the event had flown by! Then came the meet and greet. Lucy joined queue to meet her inspiration and in true style, Sarah spent lots of time with her. Lucy had made Sarah a card and she even got a Sarah selfie!
There aren't many who get to have a selfie with Sarah and a sea monkey!
 We took along those pesky sea monkeys too (thanks Grandma) and they were on their best behaviour.
A fabulous event for Essex Book Festival. Well done Just Imagine.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Doing my bit for charity

I may not be a marathon runner or an adrenaline junkie, but I have been able to do my bit for charity using my only smidgen of talent. This year, it's in aid of Sport Relief and another customised vinyl toy.

Following the footage of Davina's immense Sport Relief challenge, Beyond Breaking Point, last night, the bids slowly increased for my signed Davina toy. After last year's success with my 'Davina Dudette' I couldn't resist doing another, even more so because Davina's challenge was totally incomprehendible.

Once Davina had signed the toy, I set about promoting it and with a little help from friends, family and random celebs (including Chris Moyles) the bids starting to creep up. 
I popped along to BBC Essex to had a chat with Dave Monk about my charity auction and by the end of the afternoon the current bid stood at £83
The auction is running until 9pm on Sunday and all proceeds go directly to Sport Relief.

The auction ended on Sunday and raised a formidable £115 for Sport Relief. I donated the money yesterday and it feels really good!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Share the World Book Day love

You know how Secret Santa works, yes? Well, imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to take part in the exact same concept only just with books for other book-loving bloggers. Those lovely people at Miles Kelly Publishing came up with a fabulous concept to celebrate World Book Day and I jumped at the chance to be involved.
I know there's always the chance of receiving a dodgy present in the Secret Santa scenario, but if you've had a snoop at Miles Kelly's range of books, there's no chance of any dubious gifting going on. Just check out their Savage World below.
I was asked to be a top secret spy to ensure I gave my allocated blogger an appropriate book. So once I was provided the details of our blogger 'Boo Roo and Tigger Too' I set about a little bit of Twitter snooping and reading of their blog to understand more about them.

After a few tweets we were convinced we knew the type of book to surprise our blogger with and we chose this. A gorgeous children's encyclopedia with illustrated facts and beautiful images. We really hope they like their book.
No sooner had I emailed our selection over, our own beautifully packaged World Book Day parcel arrived. It was almost too good to open! I said 'ALMOST'
And whoever you are, you got it SPOT ON! I have 3 little Space Cadets here, who love learning about all things Space related and this was perfect. Thank you to our secret book giver and especially to Miles Kelly for the super idea.