Tuesday, 17 July 2012

She ra peg people

Clearly these peg people could just run and run... Check out my Superheroes, Princesses and Star Wars figures. Having completed orders for Superheroes and Princesses, a friend approached me to re-create the She ra characters. (Obviously not for her, for her... niece *cough*)

As with all the others, I start by drawing the main outline. Then paint, using good quality acrylics.

She ra and Adora - the early stages
The characters we agreed on were: She ra, Adora, Glimmer, Frosta and Mermista. And here they are in all their glory.
Left to right: Frosta, Mermista, She ra, Adora and Glimmer
Then add two coats of varnish for a glossy finish.


  1. I was in love with this show as a child... you just can't beat 80s cartoons! And I love this idea!

    1. I agree, you can't beat some 80s tv. Star Wars peg people coming next!

  2. I should send you a pic of them. I have attached them to my jewellery box in my dressing table - they're actually one of the first things I see in the morning. And look ace. My bedroom is not the bedroom of a 33 year old woman....!