Sunday, 22 June 2014

Competition winner

Over the last few months, I've loved building up my audience and the people whom I follow on Twitter and have thoroughly enjoyed their creative giveaways. As I approached 1000 followers, I decided to do my own giveaway. One of my hand painted peg people was to be the prize.

After 50+ retweets and a few more followers, I randomly drew the winner (and I swear this wasn't fixed). The winner happened to be a fellow Chelmsfordian, Georgia Coote a very talented surface pattern designer. I asked Georgia what she would like me to create and she plumped for a 'mini-me' pegdoll, sporting a floral dress.
Here's Georgia...
And here's her 'Georgia' peg doll

Georgia, posted a picture of her 'mini-me' on Instagram and here's her final resting place and a beautiful one at that.

Keep your eyes peeled, as I may be offering one of my customised vinyl toys for my next giveaway.

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