Saturday, 28 July 2012

Comic letters

My first commissioned comic letters! I was asked by a friend to come with some ideas for her son's playroom. She wanted a phrase or words to hang on the wall.

So I guess the obvious was 'play' but I offered other ideas, including; 'live', 'dream', 'create',  'enjoy', 'love', 'boys', 'tidy up!' and 'love mess'.

We agreed on 'live, love, laugh' and decided to use X-Men, Superman and Transformers vintage comics (circa 1980). For my last project, I used vintage Beano comics and now I've done Superheroes, I love them both!

The letters before I was let loose...

Time to get cracking! I cut strips of different parts of the comics and including different characters and colours to add contrast. Then glue onto the letter with decoupatch glue.

To ensure the comics don't crease, it's important to make small incisions into the corners. It makes for a much cleaner finish.

Coming along nicely...

The letter 'A'
Taking shape
All of the letters - done!

The final product.

I ensure I use different pictures from the comics to add variety and use all parts of the comics including the price, date and editor's name.

Then I had some fun with the letters ;o)

And here they are on my friend's play room wall!

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