Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wooden letters for girls

I've really enjoyed doing the comic letters for the boys, but what about an alternative idea for the girls? I had a request for a little girls room, obviously not using Superhero comics, but perhaps something more 'girlyfied'.

I found a beautiful large wooden letter 'E' and needed to ensure I could do it justice.

After a quick search on Google, I found some fabulous 1978 Twinkle comics in mint condition on ebay. I was a little undecided about how these would turn out as the colours are undoubtedly not as bright and colourful as the Superhero vintage comics.

I use as many details as possible to add as much interest as possible and there's always something you miss first time round, but catch when you look again... and again. The date, issue number and price are great snippets to include.

But I soon made a start and here's the finished letter 'E'. And even if I may say so myself, it looks just as good as the Superhero/Beano comic letters.

In true retro stylee...

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