Sunday, 20 January 2013

Vinyl trilogy

So, here's the final creation of my vinyl trio and whilst he's nothing like the two that proceeded him, I love him. I feel another children's picture book coming along...
Meet Russell, my Monster/Dino costumed boy.
I wanted him to be totally different from the first two, yet he had to meet the discerning wants and needs of my eldest son, for whom this is intended.

I knew this 'Dude' had to have a little something extra, so I started experimenting with different materials and a sketchy idea in mind.
Punk Dude?
Swamp thing?
Reckon the cardboard spikes and post-it note scales might just work.
Next came the paint. Although most of him will be covered in post-it note scales, I wanted to add some colour and as orange is a household favourite, so be it.
Then I cut and glued each individual scale in ascending size, to add texture.
Scaley little monster!

 In his final resting place.

I think I took subliminal inspiration from Monsters Inc. by making the 'Dude' into a monster/dinosaur costume and having just seen 'Walking with Dinosaurs', I assume that's where the card inspired spikes came from.

My vinyl trio.

A big thank you to my hubby who knows me WAY too well, to know that these would be right up my street and to Dudebox for featuring me on their blog and who knows, there may be more...

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