Thursday, 17 January 2013

Dudebox planning phase - Mark III

OK, so I think you all get the general idea that I love these things and have really enjoyed creating my first 2 'Dudes'.

My Batman Dude was a big hit with my youngest and with a little help from my middle child we morphed Hello Kitty and Wonder Woman together to create this little Dude.
I was so happy that Dudebox featured me on their blog and it's spurred me on to the planning phase of the last of my 3 Dudes.

As I've had a few people asking me what the third is going to become, I thought I'd give you a sneaky peek into my vinyl toy creating world. Geek alert!

I know that number three has to be something special (no pressure) and I've seen some amazing creations online. Bearing in mind this one is intended for our eldest, it had to meet his demands too.
Any ideas where this might be heading?
For the first time during this process, I decided to add other materials and tried a few mediums before arriving at some card and post-it notes. Yes, you read that correctly...
Punk Dude?
Swamp monster from the deep?
Glue, card and post-its - simples!

 I love the idea of adding texture and sharp lines to the perfectly smooth vinyl. 
The paper and card seem to work really well and I found some adhesive that is doing the trick, just hope hubby doesn't need it for anything special!
I'll share more later, but I hope these photo's keep you all going for the time being... Any guesses as to what it might become?

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