Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Celebrity endorsement

Valentine's Day 2013, will go down in history for me.
It all started with a cheeky tweet and resulted in this custom Davina vinyl toy.
The infamous eye logo
Davina's 'Big Mutha' T-Shirt
The wrist tattoo
I tweeted the inimitable Davina McCall on the morning of Thursday 14th Feb, to show her my Dudebox custom vinyl toys, just on the off-chance she might like them.
Like 'em? She doesn't just like 'em, (and I quote) 'I love' them!
The surprise retweet
Her retweet stayed at the top of Davina's Twitter page for 48 hours and my little old blog was creaking under the pressure of the traffic.
My followers were slowly increasing and toy enquiries started filling up my inbox.
Davina's Twitter page
By the end of the day, my blog had seen just short of 3000 hits!
 (To put this into perspective, I usually receive anywhere between 100 - 200 hits per day.)
The stats speak for themselves!
A few emails were exchanged with my lovely friends at Dudebox and we hatched a plan, to create a Davina Dude'ette. The kind Dudebox folk sent this selection of vinyl toys and I set to work.
Eenie, meenie, minee mo...
In the meantime, The Essex Chronicle had got wind of the emerging story.
Which resulted in a congratulatory tweet from Davina!
I chose the large Dude to cast Davina in vinyl and decided to incorporate some iconic images associated with her, namely the Big Brother eye, her tattoo and the 'Big Mutha' T-shirt she wore on BB.
The iconic Big Brother 'eye'
The 'Big Mutha' t-shirt Davina became synonymous with, during BB7
And here she is...
The Davina Dude'ette
I will be tweeting Davina to see if this gets the McCall seal of approval. 
Watch this space to hear how this story develops (and believe me, it develops!)

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