Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Going, going...

So, what was the verdict? Did Davina approve of the end result? 
Davina... she say... 'YES!'

I was already hatching a plan to do something positive with what started as a cheeky tweet to @thisisdavina and just hoped she would support my idea.

I contacted her agent to see if Davina would sign this one-off toy, to auction in aid of Comic Relief and God love her, she only agreed to sign my 'Davina Dudette' (as I've now christened her).
Photo: OMG!!! Davina, she say 'Yes!'
My 'Dudette' was packaged up and in the post quicker than you could say, "Please do not swear".
Davina meets her 'Dudette' 
Signing my toy.
Here's what Davina wrote
I set to work creating my auction page. The auction would start on Weds 6th March at 6pm and would run for 10 days. Finishing the day after comic relief, I hoped that would give me time to generate some publicity to help increase the chances of getting the best possible bid for this great cause.
Before the auction began
But all of a sudden, the panic set in...
What if this turns out to be a monumental flop of epic proportions? 
What if only my Mum placed a bid? Please help me raise money for this fab cause and place a bid here.

Following RT's from Davina herself, Chris Moyles, Kimberley Wyatt, Simon Le Bon and Gail Porter, the bids slowly started creeping up and I accumulated more 'watchers'.
Those lovely people at Dudebox also joined in the fun and offered to giveaway 100 mini Dudes. 
Mini DIY Vinyl Toys
All you have to do is answer the question below correctly and email your address to
Q: Who is the artist responsible for Dudebox's Xray Piggy mini dude?
(Find the answer at
We also hit the headlines again this week in The Essex Chronicle and I have radio interviews lined up later this week.
Come back after the auction ends on Sat 16th March to find out how much she raised. 

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