Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Graham's Geniusness

About 4 years ago, my hubby stumbled across the amazing artwork of Sarah Graham, pictured below. If you're not familiar with her work, you should be! 
Separated at birth?
We both instantly fell in love with her photo realist paintings and each of our children are lucky enough to have a print of her iconic work in their bedrooms.
Thanks to social media, I've enjoyed following Sarah on Twitter and Instagram (not in a dodgy stalker type way), having a sneaky peek into her life as a successful artist. 
I tweeted pics of her prints in our kids rooms, after she asked to see them. I guess it's unusual for artists to see where their art ends up and I was more than happy to oblige.

Sarah has many celeb fans and her most recent work for the Kaiser Chiefs is one of my faves, along with her 'Penny sweets' pictured above. 
Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to bid on the original artwork at a recent auction as I watched the bids soar past £9000, not unusual for Sarah's originals. However, I am lucky enough to be attending one of Sarah's art classes in September and as she commented on my Dudebox creations, I set about creating a Sarah Graham 'Mini Me'.
And here she is...
Cast in vinyl 
Sarah's dipped hair, bleached dungarees and favourite yellow satchel HAD to be included.
Complete with yellow satchel!
Luckily for me, Sarah loves her Mini Me and they'll be united in September when I get to attend her art class. 
Next instalment to follow after the art class.


  1. Sarah. You are way too clever. Enjoy the class. Sounds awesome! xx

  2. Thx T! Can't wait for the master class. My idea of a fun start to the weekend!