Thursday, 10 October 2013

Week 3 - The oldest intern in town

It continues to get better...if that's possible?

You may have spotted a common theme that runs throughout Templar... namely CAKE and lots of it. But not just any old cake, oh no! This is cake on a whole new level. Now I'm partial to a bit of baking, but I don't come close to this lot. Last week saw the Harry Potter Sorting hat, this week, a life-like Dragonology book to celebrate 10 years since it was first published.
This is a CAKE, I kid you not!
This week, my focus has been getting the Templar 'Paper Watch Project' website built and setting up the auction pages. If you don't know about this charity initiative, you should. You can read more here. But basically, 80 UK illustrators have designed and created unique watches to be auctioned in aid of Breast Cancer Care. 
You could be the proud owner of your own piece of unique artwork.
A diverse selection
The site will be up and running VERY soon, but here's a sneaky peak of the home page (thanks EmmaYarlett and Will Steele). 
You *have* to watch Libby's video - it's utter genius and has THE best music.
Website taking shape
It's not only the watches that have been beautifully designed, we've received some fabulous envelopes too.
Benji Davies, we salute you
And I can't go without mentioning Leila Skelton's fabulous take on her Paper Watch, we don't want to give him up for auction!
He arrived safely from Planet Sock
I also got enjoyed some more free therapy in the form of more Pictura colouring-in, as did my 6 year old. 
My 6 year old's attempt. See, it really is for ALL ages!
I really, can't wait to update you on our fab charity auction. 
Your chance to own a unique piece of artwork, created by one of the UK's top illustrators.

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