Thursday, 3 October 2013

Week two at Templar Towers

Week 1 was a great introduction to my Internship at Templar Publishing, but week 2 has only gone and topped it!

During a meeting, I got a sneaky peek of Gemma O'Neill's next Templar book, which was a real treat. If you missed 'Oh Dear, Geoffrey', where have you been? 
Gemma's distinct illustrations are so intricate and the detail is phenomenal. I've seen the process she goes through to arrive at these spreads and believe me, it's a total labour of love.
Gemma's first picture book for Templar - Oh Dear, Geoffrey
I wasn't sure Gemma would be able to top 'Oh Dear, Geoffrey' but dare I say it, I think she has! 
Here's a little taster to whet your appetite...
Meet Monty
I was then tasked with coming up with some promotional ideas and online campaigns for Emma Yarlett's forthcoming book, called Orion and the dark. But as it's not due out until next Spring, I'm keeping schtum.
This is also Emma's second book for Templar and I've been privy to some early illustrations and designs for the book cover. It's definitely going to be one to look our for.

Emma's first book 'Sidney, Stella and the Moon' was published earlier this year and I love her style of illustration.
Finally, I've followed Owen Davey's work with great anticipation and over the last year or so, his work is right up my street. His inspired choices of colour palettes and retro style never fail to make me smile, so when I got my sticky little mitts on his most recent book 'Laika the Astronaut' I was over the moon (no pun intended!). 
Pics courtesy of Owen Davey
This book is currently on my wish list as it's not due out until later this month, so I felt incredibly lucky to get a preview in the office. It's still sitting on my desk, so I can have a flick through it every now and again. The book is beautifully written as well as the gorgeous illustrations and I really like Owen's ending, but I won't spoil it for you.
One of my fave spreads
Not sure this internship can get any better, but I have even more exciting stuff to share, I'm in the early stages of designing and creating a website for our Templar charity initiative 'The Paper Watch Project' in aid of breast Cancer Care. Read about it here and let us know which are your fave watches.

I'm clearly in picture book heaven, as I omitted to mention THE most amazing cake that entered the office this week. Only the sorting hat from Harry Potter, made by our own bake off King, Will Steele
It not only looked magnificent, it was damn tasty too and was demolished in minutes. 
The boss didn't even get a piece - oops, baaaad Intern.

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