Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Munny Christmas tree decorations

So I didn't think it possible, but my 3 children have surpassed last years vinyl-tastic Christmas pressie, with even more incredible custom vinyl stuff.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the DIY Munny Christmas tree decoration.
I instantly knew what I wanted to try with these puppies and despite the fact it comes with red and green pens, I fancied experimenting... 
So first things first, dismantle the Munny!
Bring on the decoupatch glue. (I use the pink variety as it gives a gloss finish.)
Then set about cutting up your fave vintage comic. I tried an old 1985 Superhero comic for this one and also did another in an old Beano comic (see above).
Where there are curves in the vinyl toy, such as the ears, ensure you make several incisions, so allow the comic to fold around the toy. If you don't do this the comic will just 'bunch-up' and not sit flush to the vinyl.
A handy hint whilst waiting for the arms to dry is to use a peg to avoid them stick to your table.
Now to piece him back together again.
 Meet my Superhero Munny decoration
The end result!
My Beano Munny - pride of place on our Christmas tree