Saturday, 29 March 2014

Comic Capers

The day has finally arrived! The day that Lucy (my 6 yo) gets to meet the lovely Sarah McIntyre. The lady who single-handedly inspires her to pick up a pencil, design new characters, enter competitions and create her own comics.
Comic Capers with Sarah McIntyre and Steve Cole, has been a long-awaited event in my household and we could hardly contain ourselves. And nothing would prepare us for their entry onto stage. Sarah dressed in the most amazing comic dress and Steve, head to toe in Spiderman suit.
 Lucy wanted to dress-up as Hilda and we both did our bit for the comic event.
The 2 comperes had their audience at their fingertips as they enthused about their love of comics and the very different things that they both got them 'into' comics.
Steve's natural humour and Sarah's on-the-spot comic production was a double act to behold.
After a little on-stage antics, some audience participation and a comic strip later, the event had flown by! Then came the meet and greet. Lucy joined queue to meet her inspiration and in true style, Sarah spent lots of time with her. Lucy had made Sarah a card and she even got a Sarah selfie!
There aren't many who get to have a selfie with Sarah and a sea monkey!
 We took along those pesky sea monkeys too (thanks Grandma) and they were on their best behaviour.
A fabulous event for Essex Book Festival. Well done Just Imagine.

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