Friday, 21 March 2014

Doing my bit for charity

I may not be a marathon runner or an adrenaline junkie, but I have been able to do my bit for charity using my only smidgen of talent. This year, it's in aid of Sport Relief and another customised vinyl toy.

Following the footage of Davina's immense Sport Relief challenge, Beyond Breaking Point, last night, the bids slowly increased for my signed Davina toy. After last year's success with my 'Davina Dudette' I couldn't resist doing another, even more so because Davina's challenge was totally incomprehendible.

Once Davina had signed the toy, I set about promoting it and with a little help from friends, family and random celebs (including Chris Moyles) the bids starting to creep up. 
I popped along to BBC Essex to had a chat with Dave Monk about my charity auction and by the end of the afternoon the current bid stood at £83
The auction is running until 9pm on Sunday and all proceeds go directly to Sport Relief.

The auction ended on Sunday and raised a formidable £115 for Sport Relief. I donated the money yesterday and it feels really good!

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