Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cakes, biscuits and other scrummy treats!

I moustache how old you are...
Made with 2 circular cakes

Cake Pops

Rainbow Sprinkles cake
See my original Rainbow birthday cake for the recipe and the instructions to make this cake.
(NB If you're using your own recipe, make double quantities to ensure you have enough mixture to fill 6 x 8 inch cake tins. You only need to fill the tins with a 1cm layer of mixture)

Coming together....
My customer specifically requested chocolate spread and jam filling, as they're not big fans of buttercream icing and I think it was more than a good substitute.
Adding the chocolate spread
Pour two truck loads of sprinkles into a flat tray.
Then carefully roll the cake in the sprinkles. 
I used 2 pieces of card on either side of the cake to hold it steady.
Once the sides are done, place the cake on an upside down bowl to coat the top in sprinkles. 
PS You'll be finding sprinkles in your kitchen for the next year ;o)
The finished cake, but the best is yet to come...
Ta daaa! The big reveal.

Ombre cake
We chose purple as it's the birthday girl's favourite colour.

Button cookies
Don't be tempted to do them too big (like I did!) the smaller the more effective.

Number '4'

Dippy the Dinosaur

Pirate ship Ahoy

Princess and pink - perfect for my daughter's 4th birthday

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