Thursday, 10 January 2013

Hello Kitty meets Wonder Woman

Bring on creation number 2 of 3 of my vinyl toys. (See my Batman vinyl toy for creation number 1) Vinyl toys are becoming hugely popular and I've joined the fast growing community of vinyl addicts.

And they've only gone and featured me on Dudebox!

The Batman Dudebox was well received by my youngest, so it was onto the next one for my middle child (THE most fussy too!)

We discussed a number of options, but as she's right in the prime of her Hello Kitty phase, there was no other option, but with a slight twist.

As we seem to have a 'Superhero' thing going on recently, we kept the same theme going with this one too.
 Initially, I sketched out my idea in pencil and ran it passed the boss. 
She seemed reasonably pleased with it, so was given the 'OK' to get painting.

I use good quality acrylics on the vinyl but it still needs a couple of coats before it really starts to take.
The metallic gold paint after one coat.
The metallic gold paint look quite weak and 'wishy washy' to begin with, but after 2 or 3 coats it really brought the toy to life. The arms can be removed too, for the best finish (see above).
In my opinion the gold paint 'made' this.
From this.... to this.
You can pick up all sorts of shapes and sizes of vinyl toys and some of the customised creations are just amazing. I'm just starting out and have a long way to go yet, but thoroughly enjoying brining these little things to life.

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