Saturday, 5 January 2013

My first ever Dude

The world of vinyl toys / collectibles is HUGE and perhaps a little geeky. Yes, there you go, I said it. I am officially a 'geek' and proud.

And they've only gone and featured me on Dudebox
You start with a plain white vinyl toy... and then create. Simples! See the process I followed below.
My hubby knows me SO well, that he bought me 3 'Dudes' for Christmas, one each from our munchkins, so that I could transform them for their bedrooms.

They are 7.5" in height and are really tactile. So, you start with a blank canvas and then proceed to run through over a hundred possibilities to your youngest son, to which his response is "Naaah" to each one! In the end, I plumped for Batman.

Sketching out my initial idea came quite easily, as I'd done my Superhero peg people recently and they require a similar strategy, albeit on a smaller scale.
Can you visualise it yet?
Add some gold and silver metallic paint for a fabulous finish!

And finally, the infamous bat logo.
And here he is, on my youngest son's bookshelf

Dudebox have only gone and selected him for their 'top 15 favourites'.
The arms can be removed to ensure the best possible finish (see below).
From this.... to this.

Here's a Mini Superman 

Little and Large

Ironman mini Dude