Friday, 31 May 2013

Vinyl junkies

There are definitely worse ways to spend a Friday morning. 
Creating Dudebox mini dudes with a bunch of delightful children at Just Imagine, is my idea of fun.
Armed with vinyl and stickers
I took along a few of my own creations to get the creative juices flowing.
 Here are some of the 'crafty' children with their mini dudes, raring to get started.
Concentrating hard as their characters are brought to life.
We used loads of different materials including, wool, felt, paint, pencils, paper and Sharpies.
 Lana knew instantly what she wanted to create, complete with yellow wool hair and fuschia pink dress.
'Little Miss Chatterbox' 
 Sophie designed a vinyl version of Archie, her cat who just celebrated his 5th birthday
 Nia came up with some whackily brilliant ideas for her Mohicaned Monster
 Joe is obviously a man with Gangnam Style and he made his own 'Psy', the similarity was uncanny!
 Tia took great care with her vinyl toy and added some cool features like a belt and pink and silver hair.
 Heidi's alien is beautifully vibrant
 Jasleen and Louie working hard on their vinyl toys
Aliens and villains over here
 Mani even managed to incorporate wings and a tail complete with spikes on his Dude
 And here they are in all their glory...
The final creations!
With everything from aliens to villains, we covered a large spectrum of creations and these will be hard to beat at my next workshop on Thurs 22nd August, 2pm - 3pm.

And to top it all off I received this email from a happy parent. Worth it just for this:

"XXXX had a great time today, inspired him to order some figures and get creating and he is really looking forward to coming along again in August. Thank you Sarah 
Brilliant hour :)"

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