Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mini Dude Designers

Alongside the celebrity auction of my Davina Dudette, Dudebox ran a competition to giveaway 100 mini Dudes. Here's a fine selection of some of my favourites.

Georgia is a local surface pattern artist and I love her designs. Her mini Dude is pure genius. After realising that watercolours wouldn't hold, she improvised...
...with nail varnish! Now that's inspired.

Meet 'Mono' and 'Joey' created by Ged, an already established illustrator (not quite 30 years old) and Joseph, a vinyl artist in the making (almost 10 years).
Mono - black and white brilliance
Joey in all his glory
Fletcher's Dude, aged 6
Christine's retro owl comes complete with beads and some of the most ornate detail I've seen on vinyl.
Check out the detail on this gem
Michelle's monster is simply stunning.

Lucy's princess looks rather regal in her tiara
But the one that stood out the most for me (so far) is this one, Paul's Rock Dude.
I love it's simplicity but it's also something totally new and completely different to anything I've seen done before. Paul, get out of your shed and get creating some more. A little vinyl birdy told me that a 'Gold' version was another option... Let's see the bling!

I'll be adding more to the Mini Dude gallery over the next few weeks, as and when the pics come in, so come back to see what else pops up!

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