Sunday, 5 May 2013

Daniel's Dude

You may  have read about my recent meeting with the immensely talented and totally loveable, Laura Dockrill. 
Most well known for her poetry and books (if it's not on there, get Darcy Burdock on your reading list, NOW!) Laura has an incredible knack for tale-telling (of the story variety not the 'grassing-up' variety).
As Laura is one of those all-round creative types, she humoured my vinyl junkie stories and asked to see my creations

I was chuffed to bits when Laura then commissioned a 'Daniel Dude' (her hubster).
Now it's important to state up front, that not everyone is suited to being cast in vinyl, but Daniel is one of the exception's to that rule. As you can see, he has the most fantabulous eyebrows and a beard that quite frankly, puts most others to shame.
I knew instantly this would be a winner. 
Meet Daniel
For this medium to work on us mere mortals, one must have a couple of obvious, defining features and a signature garment of clothing/outfit/uniform. Daniel checked all of those boxes, and more.

The process began with a couple of photo's of Daniel, a chat about what attire he would be sporting and any specific details that Laura wanted to include, such as his watch, paisley scarf and Nike Huaraches.
So a few sketches later...
Daniel's Dude, taking shape
 ... and a couple of minor tweaks, I set about bringing him to life.
I knew I had to get Daniel's defining paisley scarf spot on, but the beard and brows were my main concern, as this could make or break him! 

It's at this point in the process when I get nervous, as you never know how your client will respond to the finished product. I cross my fingers and say lots of prayers that I've interpreted all of their features, as they know and love!
Here's Daniel in all his vinyl glory.
'Daniel Dude'
So what was the verdict?
Luckily for me, both Laura and Daniel approved and have allowed me to blog about it!
Thanks to you both and an early 'Happy Birthday' Daniel.
Laura's tweet

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  1. Love this so much! The detail is amazing! Love his scarf :) x