Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Superhero storage

This isn't just any old storage box, oh no, this is a Superhero storage box, no less.
Want to know how to make your own?! Just follow this simple step-by-step tutorial.
Step 1.
Find a suitable box. I bought this paper mache box from my local craft shop.
Step 2.
Select the comics/magazines of your choice, ensuring the paper isn't too dense, otherwise it won't wrap around the box neatly and more importantly the lid will no longer fit on the box.
Step 3.
Cut strips from the comics, including price, date and letter details, as well as the key characters.
Step 4.
Using decoupatch glue/modge podge, layer the comics strips in different directions over each other, ensuring the whole box is covered. Leave overnight to dry.
Step 5.
Fill your Superhero storage box with... Superheroes, of course!

Looks great on any bookshelf or chest of drawers.

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