Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Jabberworks - she certainly does!

You may have read about our 'run-in' with an inspirational illustrator, namely James Davies, of Space Penguin fame. But it seems this 'inspiring' business is a common trait amongst a few of 'em and we've only gone and stumbled across another!

During a wet and miserable half term, we spotted a colouring competition for Jabberworks' (aka Sarah McIntyre) Superhamster. What better way to kill a few hours trapped indoors, with a bit of good old fashioned colouring-in.
Lucy gets creative
Lucy submitted her pic, then decided she wanted to try her hand at a short animation. With a bit of help, she did. Click here to see her favourite attempt.
Shortly after the closing date, an email popped into my inbox from a familiar name. Sarah informed me of Lucy's win and asked if she could do an interview with her. Lucy obliged and enjoyed answering Sarah's super questions. Read it here on Sarah's blog.

Not only did Sarah treat Lucy like illustrating royalty, she even went to the bother of re-creating Lucy's own Superhero.
Meet 'Loopey Lucy'
And as if all of that wasn't enough, Sarah's sparkly Superkid envelope arrived with yet more treats. 
Lucy's personalised Superhamster illustration
I have been totally blown away by the generosity of these illustrators and felt compelled to share it, as they have both done these acts of kindness selflessly and as you would expect, always packaged beautifully ;o) 

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