Saturday, 22 June 2013

'Mini Me's'

Whilst comic characters have been my most popular vinyl toy commissions, ever since I created the Davina McCall Dudette, I've had an increasing number of requests for 'mini me' Dudes.

I am so chuffed to be able to unveil my latest commissions. 
Meet Gemma and Chris.
I loved creating these two as they both have such distinctive features.
Photographer Gemma likens herself to Velma (of Scooby Doo fame) as she often sports her black thick-rimmed glasses and retro short bob, although it changes colour on a regular basis. 
Gemma aka Velma
Musician hubby, Chris has a distinctive red beard and fabulous ginger hair, so I had plenty to work with.
In order for this to work, the 'subject' must have a couple of defining features and/or a signature item of clothing. Gemma provided a detailed brief about their attire, right down to her white frilly socks and brogues.
So far I've had the privilege of re-creating Davina McCall, during her Big Brother era, (which she kindly added her signature to and we auctioned for Comic Relief)

an artistic genius
Complete with bleached dungarees and yellow satchel
an inspirational illustrator
Sarah McIntyre (aka Jabberworks)
a very special bride and groom
The 'immense' Laura Dockrill
I never thought my vinyl work would take me down this route, but I've loved bringing each of these little Dudes to life and giving them each their own personalities.


  1. They're brilliant! You must have so much fun making them and it's great to see you're doing so well. :)

  2. Thanks Kate! I hope all's well with you. Love keeping up to date with your blog.

    I did my first vinyl toy workshop at Just Imagine and am going back for more in August. ;o)