Thursday, 5 September 2013

Priority Penguin Post

Back in May I blogged about some very special authors and illustrators and the impact they'd had on me and my little family and in particular a certain James Davies, illustrator of the Space Penguins series.

James captured the imagination of my eldest son and spurred him on to read more and Josh even created another member of the Space Penguin tribe. Meet Paul.
James sent Josh the 3rd book in the series and signed his copy, along with a personalised drawing of Rocky (Josh's favourite penguin). Both of which are on the list of his most prized possessions. 
So when James tweeted that the 4th book in the series was due out very soon and there was a surprise for Josh, we were super excited to get our mitts on it.

Once again James came up trumps and offered to send Josh one of his advance copies, so we thought the least we could do was send him a little choccie treat, a thank you card and an SAE, packaged up with a cheeky penguin.
When this landed on our door mat, I was intrigued to see what James had done in the book for Josh. But as Josh was at school, my intrigue (OK, nosiness) would have to wait a little longer.
As you can see below, the penguilope was ripped open the second Josh got home, with no thought for poor Rocky, or indeed his eyebrows.
It didn't take Josh long to find out what the special treat was. He quickly flicked through the book and then decided to take his time over each page and he spotted it as soon as he turned the first page.
"For Josh - J D"
As Josh succinctly put it, he gets a 'shout out' from James on the first page. 
James, thank you for the acknowledgement (aka shout out) for Josh. Once again, you have surpassed yourself.

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