Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tales from Templar Towers

So my chance meeting with 'The Book Sniffer' didn't end there and if you didn't know already, I've just started my 3 month Marketing Internship at Templar Publishing. Big thanks to Emma (aka The Book Sniffer) for giving me the opportunity. You have no idea how chuffed I am!
Templar Towers - my place of work for the next 3 months
I've had such a fab 3 days and seem to walk around with a constant grin on my face. 
I mean, what's not to smile about when you get to see these beauties every time you walk up the stairs? 
Templar's coolest illustrators wall of fame
On my first day at Templar Towers, I was given a list of 'jobs' to keep me busy for the week ahead and my creative juices were on overdrive. Coming up with ideas for mail-outs, promoting new picture books and they even let me loose on their Twitter account

I was asked to do some 'cutting out' and 'sticking in' for a brand new picture book and for anyone who knows me well, this is certainly no heartache, quite the contrary. 
See, I kid you not.
I even got some 'colouring-in' for homework.
You'd think they knew me in a previous life or something.
Day 2 and I felt privileged to attend 2 meetings, one about the forthcoming titles, getting an insight into the new picture books for 2014/5 and another about the soon-to-launch Pictura, colouring-in for ages 9 - 90. You WILL hear more about this super cool project! (See above image)

Big Picture Press is another new and exciting project at Templar, producing highly illustrated books, for those who love pictures (show me someone who doesn't).
These are basically really cool books for all ages and I will of course bore you all with pics of gorgeous books to salivate over.
Here's one to get you all started.


  1. I am not jealous. Not in the slightest. No.

    Alright, I'm GREEN WITH ENVY! It sounds like you're having a blast. Templar are absolutely lovely folk so you really are working in a fab place!

    Did I say how not jealous I was? No, I'm really not. NOT! :)

  2. Great stuff, Sarah.

  3. They are indeed lovely folk @readitdaddy and I will try not to make you green around the gills with envy, but I can't promise!