Thursday, 27 February 2014

Share the World Book Day love

You know how Secret Santa works, yes? Well, imagine how thrilled I was to be invited to take part in the exact same concept only just with books for other book-loving bloggers. Those lovely people at Miles Kelly Publishing came up with a fabulous concept to celebrate World Book Day and I jumped at the chance to be involved.
I know there's always the chance of receiving a dodgy present in the Secret Santa scenario, but if you've had a snoop at Miles Kelly's range of books, there's no chance of any dubious gifting going on. Just check out their Savage World below.
I was asked to be a top secret spy to ensure I gave my allocated blogger an appropriate book. So once I was provided the details of our blogger 'Boo Roo and Tigger Too' I set about a little bit of Twitter snooping and reading of their blog to understand more about them.

After a few tweets we were convinced we knew the type of book to surprise our blogger with and we chose this. A gorgeous children's encyclopedia with illustrated facts and beautiful images. We really hope they like their book.
No sooner had I emailed our selection over, our own beautifully packaged World Book Day parcel arrived. It was almost too good to open! I said 'ALMOST'
And whoever you are, you got it SPOT ON! I have 3 little Space Cadets here, who love learning about all things Space related and this was perfect. Thank you to our secret book giver and especially to Miles Kelly for the super idea.


  1. Scape? That'll teach me to not look when I type :D Space!!

  2. I'm so pleased your children liked the book. It was a tricky decision as Miles Kelly have such a fabulous range.

  3. Aaah, thank you SO much Pippa. great choice and one that has already been into school for show and tell. A winner all round.